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Wednesday, 28 June 2006

John Walton's Truck

John Walton's 1931 Ford Pickup TruckMy truck now sounds like John Walton's truck. When I started it the sound was remincent of John Walton's truck. When I put the flea in gear and took off from work, it sounded like the old Ford truck from the show. It was kind of cool actually and going up hill you noticed the sound more. Once the truck warmed up, which didn't take long in today's heat, the sound disappeared mostly until I got going up hill.

One part of 32 Ave goes up this steep hill to get to Center Street. This is when it sounded like the old Walton's pickup truck. It sounds like the muffler is on the way out. It shouldn't be though as I only had the muffer changed last december. Speedy send me an invitation last week to get a tune up by the end of July for a certain price. This will be a good opportunity to have the muffler checked and fixed if needed.

I must be getting old if I can remember the Waltons. It was one of my favorite shows on Sunday night growing up in the 1970's. I don't know if I was identifying with the fact that my Mum grew up in the Depression and then later WWII, but she would have been the same age as Elizabeth in the show. The Waltons may not have solved any earth shattering issue, but it was good clean entertaainment. And the sad thing is, a program like the Waltons couldn't even be made today as no network would want to air it. And you got to admit what people call entertainment on television today, is nothing to get very excited about.

For awhile I was getting the Waltons on Video every month from Columbia House. I haven't watched an episode of the Waltons in years. The last time I opened one of the Video's cases Barney was still with us.

The WaltonHave found the official site to the Waltons. Want to make a trip down memory lane with The Waltons, this is the place Enter Here.

Want to listen to the opening theme from the first season clik on the following link. The Waltons.

Here is a special ending done by Earl Hamner in Season Nine. Everyone is present except Grandpa (Will Geer). Goodnight.

This is a clip of Grandma talking about something she really believes in and Grandpa cannot see her side of it. Grandpa & Grandma.

Want your own copy of The Waltons on DVD? The complete first three seasons. Visit Here.

With Thanks to the Official Waltons homepage for the sound clips. Please visit the Home Page to listen to more clips

God Bless

"The Old Fart"

Remember - Life is God's Gift, Take Time to Give Thanks.

5 Visitor{s}:

Ricardo said...

Hey your not the only one that remembers the Waltons. Back in those days actors knew how to act and writers knew how to write. It always felt like I was watching a real family going through real situations.

I still remember the day when they announced on the news that Will Geer had died which was only a few years after my own grandfather past away. So it was kind of a sad moment for me when I heard about Geer's passing.

Shows like that we will never see again.

morris said...

ok, link added, thanks

interesting blog, how did you do that thing on the side with the countries?



Michael said...

I currently have the original Waltons truck which was also used in the movie "O Brother Where Art Thou" for sale.


I am working on a California title search since Warner Bros will not send me a letter of authenticity. I would like to sell this vehicle on eBay or through a private sale.


Bennie said...

Hey Micahel,

Send me some pictures of the truck if you can

In subject line put Waltons Truck just so I know its not spam mail


Mersh said...

Do you still own his truck, and is it for sale? mershon8@aol.com